Termite Control Delhi.In is a leading termite control company and rendering the services in the field of pest control from last 10 years. We have many satisfied clientele which include various Govt. Departments, reputed Private establishments, residences, etc. We have obtained many certifications from various Govt. Departments like MES, CPWD, PWD.

We are registered with

  • IPCA (Indian Pest Control Association)
  • CPWD (Central Public Works Department)
  • MES (Military Engineer Services)


"To provide impeccable termite solutions to Govt./Private Institutions and Facilities."


"To give maximum satisfaction to all our customers by using quality products & methods."


We use Odorless and Colorless products & have the license to sell/stock chemicals & pesticides.

We use following first grade chemicals:

Imidacloprid 30.50% SC
(Mfd. by Bayer Crop Science Ltd.)

Chlorpyriphos 20% EC
(Mfd. by Dow Agro Sciences)