Termite Control / Treatment Service in Rohini

Termites are the most potent pests found inside a house. Naturally, these cannot be regarded as pests as these recycle wood and other plant matter that is of considerably important from the ecological point of view but this is true till they don’t enter our house and start damaging the wooden interior. Termite infestation is very difficult to detect as they work from inside to the outside of the wooden structure. These generally survive on cellulose that is mainly found in wooden furniture of your house, boxes and the frames of the doors and the windows.

Termite Treatment in Rohini provides effective control measures; we have immense knowledge about each and every species that invades a home. If you are too planning to get a termite treatment in your house then Termite control in Rohini is the perfect solution for your house. You should opt for termite treatment if:

• You are planning to get your new house constructed

• You are planning to develop your property for building your office

• Remodeling your house/office etc

Our Termite Control Process

To treat termite infestations we use highly skilled and advanced techniques such as:

• We use direct liquid to treat the infestations. We apply it to the inside and outside of the house and also in the foundations to eliminate them completely.

• We backfill the earth on each side of the built walls, the chemical is directed towards the masonry so that earth in contact with these areas is treated properly.

• We also provide post-construction anti-termite control in Rohini; you just have to make us know the type of treatment you require. Or just let us do the inspection, our technicians will provide a proper solution to the infestation present in your house.

The experts of our company are specialized and have the intense knowledge to accurately understand the intensity of the pest problem. We always strive hard to provide the best ever services to our customers at their convenient time. We are true locals of the city and our co-workers live and work in the community they serve. The skilled professionals not only treat the problem but also look for the source due to which the infestation is caused. We have designed the services by keeping your children and pets in mind so they are not harmed during the treatment process. All our services are guaranteed and the prices are competitive and will surely treat your pockets. So if you don’t want to lose your important papers and expensive furniture call our termite treatment services today!

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